Lodge H.L.I. The Royal Highland Fusiliers No.1459

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Silver Square & Compass

@ £2.00 each

Silver Square & Compass (small).

Gold Square & Compass (large)

@ £3.00 each

Gold Square & Compass (large).

Please follow the instructions on how to order any of our items at the end of the page.  

We have various items of regalia for sale, details below.

Our Lodge Shop.

Lodge Mark Pennies

@ £5.00 each

Mark Pennies.

50year Ceremonial Pennies

@ £6.00 each

50yr Ceremonial Pennies.

Malmo Medals - Commemorating the visit of

Lodge St John Malmo Grip of Sweden

@ £10.00 each

Malmo Medals.

Lodge Shop

How to Order:

Please contact our Lodge Treasurer your requirements by one of the following methods shown, he will advise you on stock levels,

current prices, postage and how to pay!

Bro. A. M. Ingram (Jethro) - email:  bighaggisal@hotmail.co.uk  -  Home Phone:  01236595864  -  Mobile:  07805134863

Lodge Blazer Badges

@ £12.00 each

Lodge Blazer Badge.

Forget Me Nots.

2014 Lodge Diary.

Lodge Clock.

Forget me Nots

@ £2.00 each

2014 Lodge Diary

@ £5.00 each

Lodge Clock

@ £10.00 each

Fridge Magnets.

More new Items coming Soon.

More new Items coming Soon.

Fridge Magnets

@ £4.00 each

Image Soon

Image Soon